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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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or did it ever really leave. >> gliding in as well. >> did what ever leave? >> did the chilly temperature ever leave? >> we got into the 60s. today, we do get off to a cool start as expected but we'll see our highs in the 60s. >> back to the 60s, baby. >> here is another thing we are dealing with, some fog out there. we have a fog advisory in everything for parts of the area. check it out. to our west, fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. visibility could be reduced to a quarter mile or less and i know along some of the low- lying areas down around the american legion bridge, elsewhere, there is some fog. it is dense in places. so that will slow your commute a little bit or actually it should slow your commute a little bit. allow a little extra time particularly out to the west. here is your sentinel sat-rad. as expected, we had some showers last night. those showers have pulled out and we are seeing clearing skies as well there.
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should be a pretty day today. in fact, a decent day today. currently, i think 51 degrees here in washington. the wind are calm. forecast for today, we'll see the morning fog burn off. mostly sunny skies, another mild day. highs in the mid- and upper 60s to around 70. 66 in germantown. 62347 washington. fredericksburg, a high of 70 degrees today. enjoy the day, folks. >> we sure will. let's see if we can enjoy the traffic out there. let's check in with julie wright. >> so far, so good. no incidents to report right now, sarah as you work your way around the capital beltway. the lingering construction still in place as you leave connecticut avenue headed around towards georgia avenue. awful your lanes on the outer loop are open but it is the inner loop where we've got the two left lanes still side up with this overnight construction. you will find coming in from the west off of 66. this is an easy commute right now leaving manassas headed in towards the capital beltway. overnight roadwork at nutley street should now be cleared.
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you will find if you are coming southbound along 270 making your way in out of urbana. doing about 63 miles per hour leaving urbana towards 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, word that former libyan leader moammar ghadafi has been buried. his body had been on display at a public meat locker essentially for the last four days after he was captured and killed last week. a military official says ghadafi was buried in a secret, unmarked location along with one of his sons and an aide who were also killed. another of ghadafi's sons escaped the attack and is now believed to be in the southern part of libya. now, the trial of the woman charged with killing a coworker at the lululemon store is under way. >> but the process of jury selection is not going as quickly as planned. stacy cohan is outside the courthouse in rockville for more on this high-profile case. >> reporter: the process of selecting a jury certainly can be tedious but even more so
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when the case in question is the high profile murder of jayna murray inside the lululemon store. brittany norwood sat next to her attorneys at the defense table and judge robert greenberg went through a series of questions. some were mundane like do you know anyone in law enforcement. but when the judge asked who in the courtroom had heard of the murder at the lululemon athletica store, nearly everyone got to their feet. only 18 people said they had never heard of brittany norwood or the brutal murder police say she carried out. when asked who had already made up their minds ever the guilt or innocence of the defendant, 38 people raised their hands. >> the jury selection is probably the most important part of the trial. we are trying to get jurors particularly in this case who don't know the facts of the case, which is very difficult to do in any situation, particularly a high-profile case like this case.
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>> reporter: that is a veteran criminal defense attorney with extensive experience picking juries. >> it is very difficult in any case if there has been publicity to put aside what you've heard or learned and certainly where you're talking about a high-profile case like this, it is extremely difficult. >> reporter: brittany norwood's parents arrived at the courthouse with a bag of clothes for their daughter. they did not speak with reporters. at one point, judge asked norwood to stand up and face the courtroom to see in anyone in the jury pool recognized her. none did. she is accused of killing jay jayna murray inside the lululemon store. she first told police that she and murray had been attacked by two masked men. after days of questioning, police determined norwood's wounds were self-inflicted and that she had bound herself.
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authorities believe murray may have confronted norwood over stolen merchandise. lawyers for both sides are hoping the process moves much more quickly when another 150 jurors will be questioned. they are anxious to get to opening statements. back to you. >> thank you. former d.c. mayoral candidate suleiman brown will be in court this week. he was pulled over for a broken headlight but then they learned that his maryland license was suspended. he claims to be a d.c. resident. officers say they found a police baton and an official mpd police placard in his car. d.c. police are trying to track down bandits on bikes who are stealing smart phones right out of people's hands. one happened yesterday at 11th and s streets. police got several calls for help on sunday near logan circle in northwest. one victim says some young men
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punched him in the face and demanded his phone. there is a security camera where that man was attacked and police may find some evidence from that. it could save you hundreds of dollars. >> the president there talking about changes to the federal home loan program called harp in hopes of kick starting the struggling housing market. it is aimed at fannie mae and freddie mac loans taken before 2009. the home owners who qualify would get lower interest rates but some private mother began brokers have concerned concerns saying the housing market needs to stabilize on its own without any more government interference. the death toll is rising following a powerful earthquake in turkey. we'll have the latest on the situation there coming up next. an update in the search if a missing 10-month-old in missouri. surveillance video that could provide some new clues in the
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a not guilty plea making headlines. man accused of plotting to kill the saudi ambassador to the
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united states pleaded not guilty in a new york courtroom even though mrs. say manssor arbabsiar confessed to the plot. prosecutors say the 56-year-old former used car salesman was working with iran's force to assassinate the saudi ambassador. search for earthquake survivors continues in turkey. rescuers found one man buried under rubble for almost 30 hours. it crumbled buildings. searchers spent hours trying for reach a 24-year-old before pulling him to safety. survivors are now living in tents out in the cold. police are not commenting about a surveillance tape that could provide clues into the disappearance of a missouri baby. the arrow on the left part of your screen there points to a man dressed in white leaving a wooded area on the night lisa irwin went missing. the tape was shot from a gas station near the irwins' home. the attorney representing lisa's parents is raising
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questions about the thoroughness of the police search inside their home. >> so many people in their white suits coming in and out and 17 hours later, they brought out things that came from baby lisa's room. >> the 10-month-old went missing three week ago. parents insist someone broke into their home and kidnap their baby. bagging groceries for a good cause. find out where you might spot d.c. mayor vincent gray today. a tasty treat for mcdonald's fans. mcrib is back but it is just for a limited time. >> is that a news story? that is a bigger question. we'll bring you the latest on the weather forecast and julie wright is here. she will tell us what is happening with traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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grocery shoppers at a d.c. safeway may see a familiar face bagging their food today. mayor vince gray. the mayor will be a quote, unquote celebrity guest bagger at the safeway on the southwest waterfront. the hour-long shift will raise money for breast cancer awareness and prevention. so you might see the mayor down there. >> i hope he packs the bags better than some of those folks. >> oh, come on now. >> i know. >> can you do your own now. >> i know. >> that is not going to happen, is it? >> sometime i do. we have a fine start to the day. we have mild conditions across the region. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start with hd radar not because i'm going to show you rain but because i'm he going to show you fog. here are some of the areas where we're seeing fog. areas in yellow. that is where it is at its most dense. we have some fog out there and
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visibility reduce tied quarter mile or less in some locations primarily out to our west. not really so much right around the d.c. area. although there is some fog here and there. fog advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. temperatures across the region, 50 degrees right now in washington. 50 in quantico. 48 at dulles airport. winchester is 46 degrees. baltimore is 44. cambridge is at 55 degrees. september nell satellite-radar, look at that. we've got clearing skies. yes, we do have the fog but as far as rain and cloud cover goes, all of that has been pulled out of here. we'll see a good amount of sunshine. it will be a bright sunrise. that will slow you down if you are headed eastward. then through the course of the day, we warm up rather niceland and we get a fine day in here before changes for the forecast. the forecast for today looks
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like this. mostly sunny a very pleasant afternoon. high about 67 degrees. couple of degrees above normal. we'll take that. then for tonight, we'll see a few clouds build in. cool overnight. 50 for your low just like last night. many of you will be in the 40s overnight. the five-day forecast, changes come. today probably the last really nice day of the week. tomorrow, mile, 71. that is pretty good. clouds build in. i don't think we get rain until tomorrow night. the bulk. of the day will be okay. thursday, there will be periods of rain. some of that may linger into try. the main thing is look how much cooler it is. temperatures, highs only in the 50s, friday, saturday and sunday. and we could see another storm system develop for saturday. let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic. here is julie wright. >> all right. good morning to you, sir. right now off to a pretty quiet start around town. still waiting for them to clear that roadwork that has been set up on the inner loop of the beltway between connecticut
5:18 am
avenue and georgia. that is still in place tying up the two left lanes. leaving connecticut avenue and working your way around towards the mormon temple, you line up two lanes to the right in order to get through this. not too much of a backup at this time. you will find eastbound on 66 lanes are open coming in from fair oaks headed towards the capital beltway. beltway is returning smoothly between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor, the prosecution rests. now, defense lawyers are calling their first witnesses. as adam housley reports from l.a., the defense continues to challenge the prosecution's star witness. >> reporter: the defense team of dr. conrad murray grilled the prosecution's key witness for a second day. dr.steven shaver, an expert on propofol cross-examined by murray's lead defense attorney. he says it is hard to know how propofol affected michael jackson because he received the drug on a nightly basis for more than two months and he had
5:19 am
other sedatives in his system. last week, dr. schaefer testified the only possible explanation for the king of pop's death was that murray put the singer on an iv drip and left the room. the defense says there is a possibility that jackson could have somehow given himself a shot of propofol after murray left. >> one of the things you said in your testimony was that you could not discount the possibility that michael jackson reached up, woke up, reach up and turned on or turned off the limiter on the iv, is that right? >> correct. >> reporter: the prosecutor conducted his redirect examination. >> dr. murray should have been present and observing his patient. are those simply your opinions that you pulled out of thin air or are those accepted standards of medical care here in california? >> those are published standards of medical care for sedation. >> reporter: dr. schaefer was the last of the prosecution's
5:20 am
33 witnesses called over 16 days of testimony. now, the defense begins their turn. they are expected to call 15 different witnesses including dr. paul white, a long-time colleague of dr. schaefer and some say a one-time friend. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. >> defense lawyers have said they will have 15 witnesses but have not publicly revealed whether they will call murray to testify. prosecutors rested their case yesterday after testimony from 33 witnesses. it appears that netflix is a company officially in crisis now. a third quarter financial report shows the video subscription service recently lost some 800,000 customers. and more defections are expected over the next couple of months. mass exodus started off the company announced an unpopular price increase in july. netflix lost more than one- quarter of its value after wall street got word of that news. the sandwich that has inspired a cult-like following of sorts is now back. the mcrib will be sold at u.s.
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locations through november 14th. typically, it is only available at a few stores at a time. there is even a web site dedicated to locating the mcrib. it is a so-called boneless barbecue pork sandwich that was first introduced in 1982 clocking in at about 500 calories. >> what are you saying, it is not real pork? >> i have no idea what it is. >> a couple of months later, you can probably bet it again. they want government to clean its act up. but coming up next on fox 5, some people want them to clean themselves up. we are taking you inside the fight to clean things up at occupy d.c. >> as we go to break, let's check out today's my fox half off deal. 77% off individual or family packages at capital mixed martial arts and he late fitness. either one month of unlimited fateness classes for $39 or a
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month-long family plan for $49. for more on the deal, go to and look for my fox half off on the right side of the home page. [ speaking french ]
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interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average. five times the interest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. the occupy protests around the country continue it see more arrests. in new york, a few barbers gave free haircuts to protesters. it was a play on the phrase taking a hair cut which bankers
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use to mean adjusting a loan. here at home, d.c. occupiers have been camping out at mcfearston square for the past three weeks. >> now, health and safety issues are becoming a concern there. maureen umeh takes a closer look. >> reporter: the makeshift kitchen could be considered ground zero in the new battle protestors are fighting against health and safety concerns raised since the movement began three weeks ago. heavy rains turned the site into a muddy mess leading official with u.s. park police and d.c. to express concerns. violations could lead to enforcement and a possible shutdown though protesters have been self-policing. >> i believe they are probing us to try to find any way they can to shut us down and this is one way they are try doing that. >> we are trying to improve our facilities as we go. >> reporter: the kitchen is constantly being clean and food preparations handled with health in mind. protestors say area businesses have been allowing them to use
5:26 am
their rest room or shower facilities. but they say more is needed. >> we are working on this issue. you got porta-potties to make sure that everybody keeps things clean. >> reporter: the protests are say their stay will be indefinite and they don't want to give any cause for removal or any reason to destruct their ultimate mission. >> if they see something, deal with it. this is where you live. this is your front porch. >> aside from health and safety issues, there is a permit problem that may soon come to a head. occupy d.c. doesn't have one. park police have been weighing in on how to handle that. president obama announcing changes for a federal home loan program. we'll take a look at who will benefit from that coming up on fox 5. we'll check in with stacy on our top story. we'll be right back. ♪
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it is tuesdaymorning. heree is a look from high above northwest d.c. temperature are a little bit chilly out there this morning. before the rains came yesterday, it was a nice day. >> it was really nice and i heard the rain coming down. i thought wait, did they talk about that yesterday morning. oh, they did. >> don't try to start that. >> i get that enough from the general public. >> it's the cranky weather guy.
5:30 am
>> i was fine. tucker has come in here in the most foul mood because of the ravens. he has this whole studio worked up. >> he has to get over that. >> he is over this sulking in the corner. >> all right. i'm sorry. let's take a look toe fog advisory. we do have dense fog out there. >> i'm going to remember that letter on tonight. >> we did talk about rain. >> i know you did. i had to like think about it t had been several hours since i heard that over and over again. >> there you go. fog advisory in effect until 9:00. those are the areas where we are seeing the most dense fog. visibility reduced to about a quarter mile. here is a look at the satellite- radar. rain that we predicted has moved out of the region. we are dry right now and we will be for today. look how clear it is across the mid-atlantic. things look good. we'll see a nice bright sunrise this morning. current temperatures around the region. 50degrees at reagan national. 48 at dulles. 44 at bwi marshall. your planner for today. plenty of sunshine. another mild day today.
5:31 am
we are looking for a high in town of about 67 degrees. our average high for this date, 66 degrees. we are right there. there you go. enjoy it. >> let's check in with julie wright. she has the latest on traffic for us. good morning. >> good morning. we'll start off on the top side of the beltway with better news t look like we're getting rid of the construction that was tying up the left side of the roadway. now, it is only one left leap that is blocked as you work your way between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. we are getting by using three right lanes at this time. on the opposite side of town, traveling inbound along 66, no accidents to report at this time. traveling in from manassas headed over towards centreville, going about 60, 60, 65 miles per hour, all lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. turning to the yoga shop murder trial. jury selection has started in the lululemon case.
5:32 am
let's get more on the process from stacy cohan who is following the trial from rockville. >> reporter: good morning. we talked about this yesterday. this could be potentially a very lengthy jury selection process. only half of the potential jurors made it through questioning yesterday. the woman charged with murder is 29-year-old brittany norwood. she was in the courtroom yesterday. she was accused of murdering her coworker jayna murray inside that lululemon store earlier this year. now, the jury pool was asked how many people were familiar with this case. and over 80% of the people raised their hands. when asked whether or not they had already made up their mind on the guilt or innocence of brittany norwood, 38 people stood up. that does not immediately disqualify them. only six jurors were released yesterday. there are still 150 more jurors to be polled and questioned before this trial can get under
5:33 am
way. brittany norwood has not pled as was expected not criminally responsible which would be the insanity defense. we don't know what her defense will be in this case at all. we do know that lawyers on both sides are anxious to finish with the jury selection process so they can get on with the opening statements in the case. reporting live in rockville, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. in our big story, president obama out west. the president arrived at the airport in los angeles on air force one and immediately departed by helicopter for two fundraisers downtown. actor will smith and magic johnson were guests at the home of james lassiter. the president arrived in l.a. from vegas. while in las vegas, the president addressed the mortgage meltdown. he is announcing changes for a federal home loan program in the hopes of making it easier for people to get refinancing
5:34 am
for their homes. mr.obama says one idea, project rebuild, is contained in the job bill before congress. >> by helping the private sector put construction workers to work rehabilitating vacant or abandoned homes and businesses all across the country, that will help stabilize home prices in communities like this one stand will help families like the bonillas to buy a new home and build a nest egg. >> tom fitzgerald is following this story for us and tells us who will benefit from those changes. >> reporter: nearly 900,000 home owners have refinanced mortgages with the home affordable refinance program known as harp. that is far below the 4 million the white house had hoped for when the program started back in 2009. >> the enhancements we've made are the result of learning how it's actually worked in practice. >> reporter: edward demark orca
5:35 am
director of a federal housing finance agent sis spearheading the changes to help people word paying federally backed mortgages that are too upside down to ever catch up. >> we think there will be more borrows who have gone upside down on their mortgage to able to refinance that mortgage, take advantage of today's lower rates. >> the program is aimed at fannie may and freddie mac loans taken before 2009 and whose payments are current. harp will now last through the end of 2013 for borrowers with 25% or more upside down. the homeowners who qualify would get lower interest rates but some private mortgage protectors have concerns. >> we'll make money to because it will be more loans to do. but i think it is a bad move. >> reporter: terry green of allied mortgage in annandale, virginia is president of the national lenders alliance and critical of the changes. >> let it seek its own bottom if it isn't already there and
5:36 am
it will repair itself. every time the government gets involved and intervenes, all they do is delay the ultimate repair of the housing market. >> reporter: but among the top 10 states in foreclosure are maryland at 24% and virginia at 23%. >> one of the thins we've done here is to try to make this a streamlined refinance opportunity so it does involve less pain and hassle for folks. >> that was tom fitzgerald reporting. since this program only covers freddie and fannie loans, that means t. will not do anything for the three and a half million people who are badly delinquent or in default. the white house is also said to be working on another program to turn empty house into rental homes. in the race for the white house, presidential candidate rick perry is expected to include a flat tax rate when he
5:37 am
unveils his economic plan today. the plan is called cut, balance and grow. the texas governor will propose giving americans a choice between their current income tax rate or a 20% flat tax. perry says it will allow americans to file their taxes on a postcard, saving up to $483 billion in compliance costs. are you willing to pay for news content online? the result of a new study on the trend along electronic tablet uses are is coming up next on fox 5. as we head to break, let's check the market activity. october has been a great month so far. the dow and the nasdaq both saw nice gains and the tech-nephi nasdaq up 62 points yesterday. markets mixed overseas. japan's nikkei fell about 1% overnight. we are back after this. [ water ] hey, it's me water.
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5:41 am
as well. a man in upstate new york called an onstar dispatcher to report that someone had vandalized his car with graffiti and that he needed help unlocking husband door and getting home because he was too drunk to drive. when officers arrived, they say they found him parked in the middlele of the road of he was arrested and charged with dui. people would own electronic tablets are spending more time tracking news but they're reluctant to pay for it. a study from the pugh research center found 11% of american adults own a tablet of some kind. just 14% have v. paid for news con at any time on their tablets. another 22% pay for a print subscription that includes the tablet content. you can add me to that list. i look up everything i possibly can as long as it's free. >> our news is worth the price. >> right now, i think it is still tree. >> between a torn acl, a broken
5:42 am
hand and pneumonia, some of the scund are in pretty rough shape. it was a tough night for the ravens fans. we're covering it all with the sports junkies coming up next. a check on your weather and traffic on the other side of the break. stay with us. [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning is easy. just pop 'em in... then go about your business... and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. grands! warm ideas made easy. ♪ in the rhythm of my weekday flow ♪ ♪ something new -- ooo!
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welcome back. should be a d.c. the day out there. >> sound like it. >> i want to rekirkize. earlier, i said today will be the best day of the rest of the week. i think tomorrow will be decent as well. i think we'll get -- i want to recharacterize. i think we'll see a nice day tomorrow also. right now in the district, we are at 50 degrees. it is also 50 in quantico. winchester is at 50 degrees. 4 at dulles. 44 in baltimore. now, main thing you will
5:46 am
notice, quiet conditions. not much going on in the mid- atlantic. we've had the precipitation that we had last night pull out of here. the cloud cover has gone with it. the next system to bring us rain is a little ways away. i don't think we'll get that in tomorrow and maybe overnight wednesday into thursday the way things are looking. want to show you the latest on rina. she is now a hurricane and, in fact, now upgraded to a category two hurricane. maximum sustained winds are 100 miles per hour now. this storm is really almost just drifting to the west- northwest. it is moving at about three miles per hour and so it is moving very, slowly. there is a hurricane watch in effect for the east coast of the yucatan peninsula. this will be a problem. it will be a slow mover, a real rainmaker t will soak those regions during the next couple of days. this one will bear watching. for us though, quiet conditions
5:47 am
today. check out the forecast. mostly sunny skies. very pleasant afternoon. 67degrees for your high right where we should be for this time of year. very, very nice. for tonight, some clouds build in. a little bit at least. cool, overfight low in town, 50. in the suburbs, you will find overfight lows in the 40s. five-day forecast, tomorrow, as i said, another mild day. 71degrees society -- so the warmest day of the week. the chance of rain really is for tomorrow night, not tomorrow during the day. thursday, showers, 64 and then friday and saturday, our highs only in the mid others. maybe some rain in the early part of friday. we'll see. we might be able to clear that out of there. sand then saturday, there is certainly the possibility of some rain showers with the development of another storm system. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get to julie wright and find out how her auditions went in los angeles. >> i think i nailed it.
5:48 am
i really do. >> excellent. >> coming in on 66, no problems to report as you work your way in from fair oaks headed towards the capital beltway. all lanes open on the inner loop traveling between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. overnight construction now cleared. eastbound i-07 working your way past 17. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- eastbound i-70 working your way past 17. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the cards could use some hold field advantage. let's talk sports with the sports junkies. >> happy tuesday. >> hello. >> did watching that miserable monday night game make you feel any better about being a redskins fan? >> no. >> butt ravens were awful. >> they were awful. there was fumbles back and forth, just a field goal became pretty much with the late touchdown by the rav an. if -- by the ravens.
5:49 am
if you are thinking about the redskins, think about the line- up they started with and think about the changes now. it is almost a whole new team. >> the ravens were awful offensively but they weren't awful defensively. they did a a half job there on defense. it is kind of what they do every week. i would much rather have that ravens defense than the refuse skins at this point. >> i would be fine with never having a super bowl in jacksonville or having a monday night football game featuring the jacksonville jaguars. >> i'm with out that one. talk a little bit more about the redskins now as we got to hear from some of the guys yesterday. heard from the coach. heard from john beck to say put the blame on me for what happened on sunday. what did you think about the comments? he said the right things. he wants to step up but it is the play on the field. i was underwhelmed by john beck on sunday.
5:50 am
it is early, to be fair. he didn't play awful but he didn't impress me. >> i thought he played pretty well for not making a start in the last four years. it is the defense that is letting the redskins down of late, especially the rushing defense. you can't allow a team to come out and found and ground it for 175 yards and expect to win those games. >> which one of the injuries do you think is the most critical at this point because it is a laundry list of guys that are down. >> i think it is santana moss. >> you lose your top receive fore five to seven weeks. i think with hightower going down, can you fill in with torain and bring up roister. i think the loss of moss hurts the most. >> okay. world series last night. the tony larussa communication gaffe. how that is possible with all the communication devices we have in 2011 that you have no idea who is warming up for your team? >> that is crazy. i couldn't believe it when i heard it. and also the possible -- we
5:51 am
can't confirm this yet but maybe albert pujols actually called the hit and run. i never even heard of that where a player called himself. you have to be lucky and good and right now texas is getting a break. murphy's ball that goes offer his leg that prevented the double play. everyone safe there. but to go back to st. louis, it will be cold and it will be damp and wet. don't count the cards out yet. texas does not like that type of weather. >> would still used land lines. can't they actually use a text message or something like that to let somebody know you should be warming up in the bullpen. >> that is exactly what you would think. >> i agree that land lines are outdated but they sound better than most cell phone scwhriens they only sound good when there is not 60,000 people in your house trying to listen at the same time. >> yesterday, we saw alex ovechkin got his statue unveiled.
5:52 am
if they did a wax statue of one of the junkies, which one. you would be best represented down at madam tussaud. >> i think cakes would be the best because he is bald in you go to the wax museum, i think you're a moron. >> okay, cakes is out. >> i'll take it. >> all right. i'll give you support when they unveil it down there. >> thank you. we'll go though that. we'll see if we get eb down there. >> making fun of the wax figures. come on. a parking headache in downtown bethesda is about to get even worse. you think things are bad now? just wait. two popular lots shutting down. we've got what you need to know coming up next after the break.
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5:55 am
time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today is john benjamin of cent areville. if you would like to be our fan of the day tomorrow, fine us by searching for fox 5 morning news and post a comment under on's photo. if you've ever had trouble fine a parking spot in bethesda, you might not want to hear this story. the battle for parking spaces continues to heat up. >> two key parking lots baer to close thanks to construction there. beth parker has the details on this. >> reporter: not feeding the
5:56 am
meet are but fining a meter will soon become an even bigger has until busy bethesda. >> we don't have a parking problem overall. we have plenty of spaces ineth he in bethesda. it is this part of bethesda. this is the place people want to come you out to the to eat, they want to go to see a movie. we don't have enough parking here. >> reporter: it is the very spot where more parking is about to go away. 300 spaces in two lots at bethesda avenue and woodmont will be removed in january when ground is broke on an underground gar am, retail and apartment buildings. >> many of the small businesses will suffer in the interim, i do believe but i think in the end, we need housing, we need improved transportation. i think that all of that is in the end really a good thing for the citizens, for the community, for the tax base and for jobs.
5:57 am
>> for those who work and visit downtown bethesda, it could be a long three years. it isn't a secret that bethesda is expanding and growing. they haven't really thought practically about the employees that are staffing all of these stores and retail spaces here besides the customers. >> reporter: this business owner is more optimistic. >> it is not all that big of a deal i think mostly because i think most people know when they come down here to use metro, public transportation or there are other places to park, other garages to park at. >> reporter: during construction, the county plans to increase the number circulator buses on the road and boost short-term parking in garages like this one on bethesda avenue opening that will ease the pain. >> prepare for it. it is all can you do. how much is enough? that is the question being asked by a local college student. a major charity is contesting her inheritance saying it
5:58 am
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